Property Expert U.K. is a small, independent property investment company offering "thouroughly investigated" buy to let property investment opportunities to our valued clients.

Our three pillars for safe investing -

  1. We never handle your money. All funds are paid to registered Solicitors with the exception of small reservation deposits which are paid to developers.

  2. If it is not mortgagable do not buy it. Even if you are buying for cash, a strong exit strategy demands a mortgagable asset, so check thoroughly.

  3. Do not pay more than 10% deposit unless the project is well advanced or other safeguards are in place

Extensive market knowledge enables us to find the best balance of returns and security for your funds. We research developers' track records and look at every scenario to ensure your money is safe.

Property Expert U.K.
Tel: +44 7783 332706

Our team are currently working from home locations but are pleased to conduct viewings when legally and safely able to do so.